Our Origins

AlphaChem Co. Ltd. (Korea))

AlphaChem Co. Ltd. KOREA, the owner of the Ink-mate brand, is a South Korean based company. The group is one of the leading exporters of digital printing peripherals.

In August 2000 the company became the first in the industry to acquire ISO 9001 certification. Their products of excellent quality are ISO9001, CE (European Certification Mark) and NT certified.

In 2002 AlphaChem Co. Ltd. KOREA was awarded the Best Company in Technological Development by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2003 it was selected as “A Company with Excellent Technology” by the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund. It also received a gold medal for technological innovation at the fourth Korean based Technology Innovation Ceremony.

AlphaChem exports to more than 80 countries and is continuously expanding its global sales network.


In 2000 ALP Holdings (Pty) Ltd. acquired the agency rights from Alphachem Co. Ltd (KOREA) and thus became one of the leading forces in the local cartridge supply market.

Locally the first Ink-Mate products were distributed through retailers such as computer and stationary shops. From the outset the company saw phenomenal growth.

In October 2002 the concept of a dedicated cartridge supply outlet was put to the test. The first cartridge outlet was opened in the Vaal Triangle. Due to its roaring success, the concept was franchised and five more refill centres were opened in the months to follow. The number has since grown to 24 outlets. They all proved to be profitable and sustainable businesses.

With the development and implementation of a new and unique distribution infrastructure the growth of the company is set to continue unabated.